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Director, Waimakariri Irrigation Limited (Expressions of Interest)


Reference: 3980557

Waimakariri Irrigation Limited is a co-operative company that provides irrigation to approximately 23,000 hectares and administers Farm Environment Plans covering 33,000 hectares of land in the district. The Company also utilises and manages the Waimakariri District Council's stockwater race network.

The Board currently comprises five directors and the Waimakariri District Council is responsible for the appointment of one Director.

The Council is seeking make an appointment to the Board that complements the existing Directors' skills and experience and, in particular, the Council wishes to receive applications from experienced directors who have:

  • A significant interest in, or association with, the District and the primary sector;
  • Corporate governance experience or have operated at a senior level in a corporate environment;
  • Corporate finance, strategic IT, engineering or legal qualifications would be desirable;
  • A strong appreciation of regulatory framework and environmental responsibilities associated with the Company's business.

The Role

This is an appointment by the Council of an Independent Director of the WIL Board. The Appointee's governance responsibilities as defined in the Companies Act, the WIL Constitution, and by best practice, are to act in the best interests of the Company. There is no requirement for the Appointee to report to the Council on the Company's activities, nor to take instructions from the Council. It is the Company's responsibility to maintain effective communication with the Council.

This is a small Board of Directors where a focus on consensus and teamwork is paramount. Therefore, the Council is looking for applicants that can exhibit:

  • Experience in collaborative decision-making
  • Acceptance of alternate points of view
  • An ability to present a perspective in a logical and constructive manner.

The Board has regular monthly meetings, and additional workshops/meetings when considering individual matters in depth. Several shareholder meetings may also be held during the year. Recent examples of additional meetings of Directors have included:

  • Developing a nutrient management policy for the Company to ensure consent compliance
  • Evaluating and then promoting environmental management systems to assist shareholders in achieving Good Management Practice on their farms
  • The acquisition of consents for additional irrigation water, and the subsequent sale of shares for the use of that water
  • Capital investment assessments where differential shareholder contributions were required.

Strategic Issues

In addition to routine governance responsibilities for the operation of the Company, the Appointee will need to demonstrate an ability to contribute to its strategic direction. Several issues are of immediate strategic focus:

  • Environmental compliance and the achievement of Good Management Practice on all shareholders farms by 2020 will require significant additional resources and strategic direction from the Board. It is a journey that the Company has commenced, but still has a long way to go;

  • Successfully concluding the consenting process for scheme storage, finalising the costs of construction, and then presenting the Storage Pond proposal (incorporating stored water management and trading, financing and construction compliance processes) for shareholder approval;

  • Continue the implementation of the Information Services Strategic Plan to apply information technology as a key business tool for environmental management; water management; business management; and shareholder/stakeholder management.


WIL shareholders set directors' fees. The current level is $20,000 pa.

Information on the Company can be found on the website

If you have any enquiries regarding this role, please contact Jim Palmer (Ph 0800 965 468)

Applications Close: 05 Mar 2018